'POOPING WATERMELONS': Boonah couple flee Cyclone Debbie

Kurt Moore always wanted to be in a cyclone, only he didn't expect his wish to come true while on holiday.

The Boonah carpenter had to take cover with his wife Sofie Ann and about 200 other people as Cyclone Debbie swept over Hamilton Island this morning.

The couple shared their experience on Facebook, posting a video a few hours ago.

Kurt joked: "Go to the Whitsundays, they said. It will be fun, they said. Beautiful weather... if we had a kite!"

The couple ended up in the Reef View Convention Centre on the island after being evacuated from their apartment midday yesterday.

He said it was a relief to be moved, adding: "I think we'd be pooping watermelons if we hadn't."

Watch the full video here: