Watch: Baby wombat born during cyclone nears milestone

A BABY wombat born during Cyclone Marcia is now 93 days old and weighing in at 100g.

She was lucky to survive, but is being kept safe at the Safe Haven sanctuary at Mt Larcom.

Mother Miss Poggy is still carrying Baby Cyclone in her pouch as the baby gets closer to making it to 100 days at the sanctuary.

The baby will stay in the pouch for eight months.

Sanctuary founder Tina Janssen was concerned about losing six years of work when Cyclone Marcia made its way through Mount Larcom in February.

The real issues began after the cyclone had passed, when the sanctuary's emergency generator that was powering air-conditioners for 20 wombats stopped working.

"They would've died if it wasn't fixed then because their bodies heat up and it would have been too intense for them," she said.

"The air conditioners are critical since they can't burrow."

Miss Poggy out regular in morning sun with baby cyclone in pouch 93 days old and should weigh approx 100 grams

Posted by Safe Haven - AACE on Saturday, May 23, 2015