Customers not happy about self-service checkouts

SELF-service checkouts may be saving supermarkets money, but it seems they're alienating customers.

APN columnist Janine Hill this week wrote about her objections to self-service checkouts, saying they cost jobs at a time when too many people were out of work.

"I don't mind a bit of DIY on the house, but not when I go shopping," she wrote.

And The Observer's Facebook likers tend to agree.

Kim Tankard said she had started shopping at Drakes IGA or small local businesses because she was sick of waiting so long to be served at checkouts, when there were only one or two open.

"I have a baby so it really frustrates me," she said.

"I don't like using self checkout due to the jobs it takes away from people."

Dee Simpson said she preferred a staffed checkout when she was shopping with a baby.

"It's ridiculous trying to do shopping and having to self serve a whole trolley with a screaming baby because there's no checkouts," she said.

"Shame on big supermarkets. It's a disgrace."

Do you use self serve checkouts while shopping?

This poll ended on 28 March 2015.

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Yes for convenience only.


No, I can't stand them.


I shop online, it's way easier.


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Jamie Ennis said if supermarkets wanted customers to take care of their own groceries, the customers should get a discount.

"Prices have been going up and yet they still cut service.

"Yesterday I waited 15 minutes in a queue at one of the checkouts at Woolworths Kin Kora.

"There were only two open at 11am. I got sick of waiting since the queue wasn't really moving at all.

"I took my trolley to the self service section and started DIY.

"It took over 20 minutes to process my $200 shop whilst I blocked the isles with two trolleys, and the constant "are you using your own bag" and " item not recognised wait for assistance" alerts from the checkout machine.

"Meanwhile the staff loitered around discussing lunch breaks and restocking issues."

Other commenters were happy to use self-service checkouts when they only had a few items.

Rodney Milne said: "Sometimes it's quicker and our kids love to help, but only good for a few things."