Survey shows customer service not all bad in Gladstone

RECENTLY, we took the Buy Local campaign to the people, with the travelling roadshow visiting five shopping centres in the Gladstone region.

The aim of the roadshow was promote Buy Local and talk to people about their local shopping experiences. So we conducted a quick survey with 160 people.

We learnt people take notice of logos on cars. With eight months of public exposure, 29% of people surveyed recognised the Buy Local brand, with many of those seeing it on our cars kitted out for the roadshow.

Secondly, customer service isn't as bad as people say - 68% of survey respondents rated customer service six or above out of 10.

The common response was, "It depends where you go" as to the customer service you receive.

From these responses it appears that a fair percentage of people living in the Gladstone region think that customer service is quite good.

There are a number of people that think customer service is excellent and there are those who have had terrible experiences - so a real mixed bag.

For every negative customer service story there was a positive story of staff going out of their way to be helpful with genuine assistance.

Shoppers were happy to provide tips for outlets to improve customer service, including:

  • Stock what's in the catalogue
  • Have more variety in stock
  • If you say you're going to do something, follow up
  • Just smile and greet people with a friendly attitude
  • A genuine effort from staff makes a real difference.