Curtis Island plants key to Bechtel revenue growth

GLOBAL construction giant Bechtel has reported a multi-billion dollar revenue boost for the year, and highlighted its Australian operations as key to the growth.

Bechtel's annual report showed income grew by 15% to $37.9 billion last year.

And it described the three Curtis Island LNG plants - which employ more than 10,000 people - as major contracts for the company.

"One of our most complex, current undertakings is the near-simultaneous execution of three Australian LNG liquefaction projects in Queensland," the report stated.

Last year marked the first full year of work on Curtis Island for Bechtel.

The expansion of the APLNG site to a second train was also highlighted as notable new work for the company.

Describing "global highlights", the report listed six Australian projects, including Curtis Island LNG and Rio Tinto Yarwun, as well as Wheatstone LNG in Western Australia.

Bechtel's chairman and CEO is Riley Bechtel and his son Brendan Bechtel is the head of LNG for the company.

Brendan Bechtel has been based in Gladstone, working on the $20 billion QCLNG project.

QCLNG is expected to deliver its first gas in the second half of 2014.