A spotlight on the north of the Gympie region real estate figures for 2018-19.
A spotlight on the north of the Gympie region real estate figures for 2018-19. Core Logic Data

Curra's acreage gold rush blitzes market

CURRA, Chatsworth, Pie Creek, Cooran, Jones Hill, Monkland, the Mary Valley... the land rush is on all around Gympie, according to Century 21 principal Bill Mitchell.

And a big part of the real estate gold is being dug from northern acreage subdivisions, according to Elders Real Estate's Ian Partington.

St Andrews Estate, he says, is now the fastest selling acreage subdivision in south-east Queensland, "not that there's a lot of acreage subdivisions left.

"We released 21 blocks up at St Andrews in February and they're all gone but one.

"We're pegging out the next stage now - 25 blocks from 1.5 to 15 acres (.6 to 6ha).

"Builders are pretty happy too. People can get a house and property at Curra for $300,000.

"Where else can you find acreage for $115,000? That's the starting price in Curra.”

Around Gympie he points to Chatsworth Premier Estate, Greendale Downs at Pie Creek and "of course” Southside.

Other small subdivisions have emerged, but many are limited by environmental and flood level restrictions.

"We know what's selling and we look at the latest informattion. "We also know of subdivisions in the Brisbane Valley and nothing's selling that quickly down there.”

Mr Partington said another incentive to buy is that the state government no longer wants acreage subdivisions in south-east Queensland, preferring to plan for high density residential subdivisions.

"St Andrews will be the last subdivision of its kind in Curra,” he predicted.

Mr Mitchell said opportunity seems to be everywhere at the moment, partly thanks to unaffordable property prices at the Sunshine Coast, and not only in the acreage department.

"You can sell your small unit at the Sunshine Coast and buy a quite nice house on acreage for $400,000.

"And you're only a short drive away. Gympie has become a place where people want to live” he said.