Night curfew for kids strikes a chord

PARENTS would be held more accountable if Miriam Vale's unique policing strategy was rolled out to bigger centres in the region, including Gladstone and Calliope.

That has been the resounding response to an exclusive article in The Observer yesterday about the long-term collaboration between local police and the rest of town to keep children under 16 off the streets and safe at night.

On The Observer Facebook page, and our sister site The Morning Bulletin, the story got more than 1000 likes, it received 200 comments and it was shared more than 120 times.

The story has put the small town of less than 500 people in the limelight as some parents suggest the idea is implemented elsewhere.

As Kace Crawford posted: "To everyone saying that this wouldn't work in bigger towns... It would only take a couple of weeks for the kids to work out that the police were serious.

"Yes, Miriam Vale is small, but the kids here also know the rules and know that the police will enforce it if necessary."

What you had to say on Facebook:

Pat Bunting: This is what is needed in Calliope.

Lisa Newby: It works in Miriam Vale because everybody works hard at it. They are consistent and the kids really do get into trouble.

Sarah Reynolds: We need something... even after events there are still children walking the streets. Only a few days ago I was at a disco and later I see the same 11 year old girls wandering around at 1am.

Mandy Moo: Fantasic idea. Go Miriam Vale. You should be proud of yourselves!

Char Ginn: No, it works in Miriam Vale bcoz it's tiny.

Lynette Hoghton: Gladstone needs it but it won't work.

Lisa Ann Chadwick: It's not up to the police to parent our kids. Why is it their job to make sure kids are home by 8pm? Are the police not stretched enough... now they have to be babysitters as well...