What your business needs to attract international visitors

IS your business attracting international workers and their families?

Or more importantly, how well does your business service our new international population?

I ask because over the past few months I have witnessed businesses struggling to serve people from overseas, leaving the customer and assistant frustrated at the negative experience.

On one occasion a shop assistant couldn't understand a foreign accent. Frustrated, she continued to ask the same question louder and louder, leaving the customer embarrassed and puzzled.

On another occasion, upon seeing people from another country enter the store, a young assistant responded to another customer, "Oh no, not them again".

It can be quite a challenge to understand a customer with little or no English, but, is 'Oh no' the response we want when walking into a shop?

With systems in place and customer service/cultural awareness training for employees, these negative transactions can turn into a whole new target market for the business.

Cultural awareness training teaches simple communication skills for interacting with a person from a non-English-speaking background, but more than that, it provides an understanding of the core values differences within cultures.

Core value differences make cultures unique and when understood, provide a whole new perspective on how to interact with people from any culture.

Cultural awareness training will enable staff to be more confident and comfortable in engaging and meeting the needs of our ever-increasing international population.

Let's make Gladstone a welcoming/positive experience for these people who have travelled from around the world to be here.

Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in conjunction with Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours will be hosting a Cultural Awareness Training session, particularly focused on customer services in the coming months.

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