Shooters coming for Curtis Island cull dirty work

UPDATE 1.50pm:

THE State Government department heading a cull of feral animals on Curtis Island is calling on the expertise of Australian sporting shooters to do the dirty work in getting the job done.

The Department of National Parks, Sports and Racing said the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia is "volunteering their time and expertise" to help with the cull.

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CULL COMING: Feral pigs have damaged native habitat on Curtis Island.
CULL COMING: Feral pigs have damaged native habitat on Curtis Island.

A spokeswoman for Queensland Park and Wildlife Services said the cull -- which will close down swathes of Curtis Island, including campgrounds Joey Lees, Yellow Patch and Turtle Street -- is a "long-term and very successful feral pig control program".


WILD PIGS will be the main game for hunters culling Curtis Island's feral pests next month, according to the state government department charged with carrying out the killing.

The Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing will set up a 500m exclusion zone around large swathes of the island between August 1 and 5, as pig hunters are let loose on the island's wild pig population.

In previous hunts, rumours have run rampant that Curtis Island's brumby population were part of the cull, but the department said only wild pests are targeted, of which brumbies are not classified as such.

The exclusion zone begins at the Black Head, extending north to Keppel Creek. Joey Lees, Yellowpatch, and Turtle Street campground will also be closed during the slaughter.

Map of Curtis Island.
Map of Curtis Island.

Previously, the department have used aircraft, traps and baits to carry out the cull, but the department is yet to respond on how it will kill the animals this year.