Gladstone Regional Council councillors.
Gladstone Regional Council councillors.

Crypt reservation suspended at Boyne Tannum Memorial Park

BURIAL crypts at the Boyne Tannum Memorial Parklands will temporarily not be available for reservation until more crypts are constructed, councillors have determined.

At Tuesday's general meeting, Gladstone Region councillors voted on whether to amend council's Cemetery and Crematorium Policy to exclude reservations of burial plots at Boyne Tannum Memorial Parklands (BTMP), which was recommended by council officers.

A report before councillors stated, due to the soil geology at the BTMP, earth burials were unsuited as the site is located on a water plain.

When the cemetery opened in 2007, three burial options were offered - crypt burials, freestanding stone ashes plots, and walkway ashes plots.

A crypt is an underground burial chamber which is not filled with soil.

Crypts were constructed in configurations throughout the site to accommodate specialised

prefabricated geopolymer structures installed in the ground, complete with lid and headstone.

Councillors heard that only six to eight months supply of crypts remained, due to a current reservation of 25 crypts and increased demand for reservations.

Work is planned to construct more crypts at BTMP, but council officers advised due to demand and reservations, new crypts won't be constructed before available sites are filled.

Cr Chris Trevor questioned whether council should be acquiring an alternate cemetery site to cut council's cost of providing crypts.

"Is it worth investigating the possibility of acquiring an alternate land site for future burials, given the cost of crypts as opposed to the normal cost of burial?" he said.

"It just occurred to me that we are expending a significant amount of money because of the water table.

"Is something that we should be looking at the future acquisition of land that doesn't have those water table issues, which would ultimately result in a significant saving to council in the future."

Councillors were told a cemetery asset growth plan was currently being developed, part of which involved a business case around the BTMP, and whether it was retained.

The meeting heard the council has land at Tannum Sands reserved for cemetery purposes which contained a lot of rock, therefore it may not be suitable for burials.

Cr Goodluck said the issues with BTMP highlighted some of the challenges local government faced providing facilities such as cemeteries.

"They are obviously critical and very important facilities for our community," he said.

The motion to amend council's policy to exclude reservations at BTMP was moved by Cr Daryl Branthwaite, seconded by Cr Rick Hansen and passed unanimously.


Gladstone Regional Council Cemeteries allowing reservations.

Burial Plots Ashes Plots

Bororen Cemetary Y Y

Boyne Tannum Memorial Parklands Y Y

Calliope Cemetary N Y

Mount Larcome Cemetary Y N

Port Curtis Cemetary N Y

Rosedale Cemetary Y N


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