Crush on track for bumper season

FACTORY performance has been excellent, with 62,621 tonnes crushed for week three of the 2015 season.

This is a good result considering that a major maintenance event happened during the week.

This planned maintenance, including a shredder hammer change and factory cleaning, happened on Tuesday, June 30, and took about 14 hours.

The Isis Mill has now processed 144,171 tonnes of the estimated 1.3 million tonnes available for harvesting in 2015.

CCS continued to rise steadily, with the weekly average reaching 12.37 units and the year-to-date figure now at 12.25 units.

The highest CCS recorded for the week was attributed to a Wallaville Grower who supplied the Variety Q208, which recorded 14.81 units of CCS.

Harvesting conditions have improved, with only isolated showers recorded across the region this week.

There were 10,312 bins of cane supplied to the factory during the week, with an average bin weight of 6.09 tonnes.

Motorists are urged to take extra care and to stay well clear of slow-moving large vehicles hauling sugar cane across the district.

Growers who are busy preparing fallow blocks for the coming Spring plant are reminded to make contact with the team at Isis Productivity Ltd to ensure timely plant inspections can happen.

The team is also available to help with soil sampling and variety selection.

John Gorringe,

Isis Central Sugar Mill