PRIDE AND JOY: Tractors have played a special role in the Turkey Beach community.
PRIDE AND JOY: Tractors have played a special role in the Turkey Beach community. Paul Braven GLA090716TURKEY

Crowds expected to plough on in for Tractor Bash

SINCE its inception three years ago, The Turkey Beach Tractor Bash has more than quadrupled in size.

For this year's event next weekend, Tractor Bash Team member Allison Randall said organisers were hoping to get about 2750 people through the gates.

Last year, 2500 people showed up at the small township to enjoy amusement rides, chainsaw competitions and of course the tractors.

At first glance Turkey Beach seems like an odd place to celebrate tractors - it's a small fishing village, not an agricultural one.

"A long time ago there wasn't a very beautiful boat ramp here and people needed their tractors to launch their boat and get it back off the sand," Ms Randall said.

"That's why there's a lot of tractors here. They are a unique part of our community.

"I might not be quite local because I haven't got one."

Ms Randall said at last year's Tractor Bash the organisers handed out an attendee survey to see what people thought could be done differently.

"We really listened to our visitors," she said.

"This year, we've put up more shade, we've got more seating, we've got food vendors - we tried to do all the food ourselves last year.

"We've got 31 market stalls, where last year we had 20."

Ms Randall said the tiny community would struggle to host the event without the support of volunteers.

This year the Miriam Vale Lions, Bororen Pony Club and Tannum Sands High School have all been involved.

The event has also been supported by Gladstone Regional Council's major events funding.

If you'd like to help out at this unique event, attend the volunteers' orientation night on July 12. It will be at the Turkey Beach community hall from 6pm.