Crowd left with stale election performance at Flynn debate


AFTER watching the Federal Election leaders' debate on Monday night, I had high hopes for the Flynn version.

As in, it couldn't be worse, right?

We've all come to expect it from our Canberra politicians.

Reversioning the question, rewriting history, rehashing the same slogan - anything to avoid actually giving a straight answer.

You hope that your local candidates might not be so cynical.

Certainly, on the basis of GAPDL "great debate" lunch on Thursday, the three candidates for Flynn are less polished than their frontbench counterparts.

And amidst the party lines and pre-prepared catchphrases, some answers were disarmingly honest.

But on the harbour, and the Great Barrier Reef beyond it, is one local issue that can't be ducked.

The impacts of controversial dredging, even less so.

Environmental campaigners want the issue to decide the election.

It won't, of course - but our local candidates need at least to address it.

Want to know what the Federal Election means for Flynn? You can find a comprehensive guide to the seat of Flynn here.


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