The mysterious circles at the Coolangatta Tweed Golf Club
The mysterious circles at the Coolangatta Tweed Golf Club

'Crop circles' or hoon hell: Golf club fuming over damage

A SET of crop circles which have appeared at the Coolangatta Tweed Golf Club are clearly not the work of a wayward golf buggy.

However, what exactly caused these circular mysteries on the 10th green remains unknown.

The club's general manager Phil Dark speculates the "crop circles," which cut deep into the grass, are nothing more than burnouts and the work of hoons.

"It's obviously annoying as hell," he said.

"They're gaining absolutely nothing except being delinquents.

"It leaves a bad taste in your mouth that people can be so irresponsible."

Mr Dark said it was fortunate the tyre marks were not particularly deep and did not require extensive work.

"We've had worse repairs that have had to be done," he said.

"But it is inconvenient to golfers who had to play around it."

Facebook responses to the incident were mostly scathing.

"I can't wait for these wankers to crash into a bunker one night! ****wits," Facebook user Richard Cross said.

Daniel Thomas Sevcik took a light-hearted approach to the destructive act, labelling the strangely orderly circular tyre marks as "crop circles".

But Tweed Heads police are definitely not laughing.

"The offenders could face serious penalties," Tweed highway patrol officer John Verhoven said.

"They would be facing burnout offences and could get their car confiscated, their license immediately suspended and face court. They'd lose the whole lot."

He said drivers using roads, and greens, as racetracks had no place on public roads and Tweed police would be on the lookout for dangerous behaviour.