Critics slam Kardashian for pregnancy weight

NOT everyone likes Kim Kardashian; myself included.

She's one of those people who's just famous for being famous, like Snooki or Paris Hilton, with no real talent hidden beneath her… assets.

However, much as I would never watch her show, Kim has copped a lot of undue criticism in the past couple of months that I feel needs to be addressed.

Yes, she has been gaining weight due to her pregnancy, but that is no reason to publicly slam her.

It is a well-known fact that everyone experiences pregnancy differently, with some people struggling to get through it and others sailing around on a fluffy pink unicorn with the famous "pregnancy glow".

But because of her celebrity status, people expect unrealistic things from the nine month stint.

Not everyone can just enjoy it- there's morning sickness, weight gain, cravings, hormonal issues, and many people find that while pregnant, food that they previously liked is suddenly repulsive to them.

It's not easy for everyone and people need to realise that Kim Kardashian is just going through the motions like any other person would, and gaining weight is one of them.

She's always been famous for her glorious curves and it's hard not to feel jealous of her amazing figure even if you don't think she's talented, but now that she's got a baby in her, everyone is pouncing on the fact that she's gained weight, hopelessly trying to forget that if Kim can do it, anyone can.

But I think that is part of the reason why people are so unhappy with her new shape.

Kim is a prominent (albeit not that helpful) figure in society, and the idea that she can lose part of her figure, even for a little while, makes people worry more about their own.