Police are investing a fire at a house in Hakari Street, Crestmead last night.
Police are investing a fire at a house in Hakari Street, Crestmead last night.

Crime scene declared as house destroyed

UPDATE: A Logan man holds grave fears for his family's safety after a suspected firebombing attack destroyed his family home overnight and killed two pets.

The man said he and his family had been subject to multiple threats before last night's devastating fire.

"(He) has made endless threats to me, my wife, my children, everybody, but I can't say too much," the man said.

"I need to listen to what police are saying because if I don't … I fear for my family as well."

Neighbours say two people left the home, which was empty except for the animals, about 12.30am. Not long after, the fire was noticeable. 

Firefighters battled for nearly three hours to save the structure but were unable to slow the blaze that totally consumed the home.

"I found out when I got a phone call at my brother's home, my second eldest son had come out of the room crying," the man said.

"He said, 'Dad he's done it. He's burnt down the house'."

"My family is safe but we did lose two pets. I had a special bird that used to sit on my shoulder and nibble at my earring ... to think that it died the way it did, to burn to death, is horrible."

The man expressed the family's utter devastation at losing the only home his children had ever known and the memories they had lost forever in the fire.

"We've got nothing," the man said. "My wife has got nothing but the clothes on her back so my sister has offered to buy my daughter new clothes.

"It's a terrible thing and I wouldn't want it to happen to anybody, but it's human nature: we'll keep going."

A crime scene was declared around the property and investigations are continuing.

EARLIER: A LOGAN house has been fully destroyed following a fire early this morning.

The two-storey house on Hakari St in Crestmead was fully engulfed by flames when emergency crews arrived on scene just after 12.30am.

Five fire trucks and a command vehicle, police and paramedics all attended the private residence which had no one inside when emergency crews arrived.

The fire was so ferocious that it caused a full structural collapse to the 10 x 12 metre building.

There was initial concerns fire would spread to neighbouring homes, however firefighters confirmed all surrounding buildings were out of danger just before 2am, when they managed to control the blaze.

QFES and QPS will investigate the cause of the fire this morning.

A crime scene has been declared and QPS and QFES will complete a joint forensic examination.