Crafty fundraiser for fires

WHEN Shaylar Holzhauser, 8, saw the devastation the bush fires in Queensland and New South Wales were causing, she wanted to help.

“I wanted to make stress balls so I could help the firefighters and all the animals,” Shaylar said.

She said she was especially worried about koalas being affected by the fires.

Shaylar even purchased the first stress ball with her own money, according to mum Rebecca Moles.

Shaylar said she “just knew” how to make the stress balls and had already made a lot.

“We were planning to make 50,” she said.

“But they’re all gone.”

Shaylar said she would be spending the weekend making more.

Ms Moles posted the idea in a local Facebook group on Tuesday and people were quick to get on board.

Ms Moles said it was all hands on deck.

“ (Shaylar’s) teaching me how to make them,” she said.

“We have rice and balloons everywhere.”

Ms Moles said the stress balls were easy to make.

“This is an amazing thing my beautiful girl is going,” she said.

“She’s so excited so many people are interested.”

Yesterday morning, Ms Moles had to purchase more balloons and rice to keep up with demand.

A bunch of the balls were even available at Boyne Island Chemist for customers to purchase.

To purchase a stress ball for $1, visit the Facebook page Shaylar stress balls.