Local laws officer Dave Coe and councillor Col Chapman at an illegal dump site.
Local laws officer Dave Coe and councillor Col Chapman at an illegal dump site. Mike Richards

Council cracks down on illegal dumping, parking offences

WHILE council infringement figures may be lower than a few years ago, a significant rise in vehicle-related infringements is taking place in the Gladstone region.

Gladstone Regional Council local laws officers had a bumper year in 2011-12, issuing 623 infringements for offences such as illegal dumping and parking offences.

This financial year's figure of 237, as of October 31, is already higher than the total for 2012-13.

Council officers also have noticed an increase in illegal dumping offences.

Local laws officer Dave Coe said there was a number of illegal dumping sites across the area, with a spike in building waste such as concrete being dropped in not-so-secretive locations.

"I think there's been an increase in commercial dumping around Gladstone and it can carry some hefty fines if people are caught," Mr Coe said.

"It's about a $1760 fine for individuals, small business guys with a truck can be fined up to $2200 and then a corporation caught dumping a huge amount of waste can be fined up to $30,000."

With 32 infringements being issued for illegal dumping in the past two years, there is certainly a few who have felt the pinch in their hip pocket.

"All the ratepayers have to pay," Mr Coe said.

"People might save a few dollars dumping in the bush, but if they're caught the fines certainly outweigh the cost that they would've been up for if they'd taken the waste to the transfer centre."

Meanwhile, regulated parking offences have spiked, up from 122 infringements issued in 2011-12 to 477 in 2012-13.

Cars being placed for sale in prohibited areas were up from one offence in 2011-12 to 51 in 2012-13.

Councillor Col Chapman said illegal dumping was a frequent issue council was determined to improve.

"Illegal dumping is one of the most common issues and we see a lot of littering about the neighbourhood," Cr Chapman said.

"A lot of the major roads are full of litter and it's a problem not just in Gladstone but across Queensland."

Cr Chapman said the council was planning to enter the tidy towns competition next year.