CQUniversity, CQ TAFE merger will help both

IT'S TIME to launch into a huge cheer!

The merger of CQUniversity and CQ TAFE is under way with a large injection of cash by the Federal Government.

And this means certainty for both institutions which have been suffering in recent times.

And the suggestion that Gladstone's CQUniversity campus could be used to host an oil and gas training program makes a huge amount of sense.

Gladstone is the most logical city to base such a course, and we will welcome it with open arms.

There have been some great success stories from CQUniversity's Gladstone campus over the past 35 years, and similar stories from our TAFE.

This merger will ensure that those great stories will never stop - and in fact they could come at a more accelerated pace.

There seems to be just one concern over this development, and that is in ensuring there is adequate and affordable accommodation available for students to cater for a hoped-for influx.