A coronavirus test sample.
A coronavirus test sample.

CQ’s COVID-19 cases rise to eight

A YEPPOON woman and a lady from the Gladstone area are the latest to test positive to COVID-19 in Central Queensland.

This takes CQ's total to eight and on Wednesday afternoon Queensland had 40 new confirmed novel coronavirus cases raising the state's overall tally to 781.

Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service said for the two latest CQ cases, contact tracing was underway.

"This means if you were identified as a close contact you will be contacted," a statement read.

Keppel MP Brittany Lauga said the Yeppoon woman's case had not made it onto Tuesday's daily Queensland Health case round-up as it had missed the deadline for that.

"The case yesterday (Tuesday) was a woman who had returned from overseas - she is based in Yeppoon," Ms Lauga said.

"She did the right thing and she self-isolated as soon as she got home.

"She was asymptomatic.

"She was then tested at Rockhampton Hospital in her car, so no health professionals at all had any contact with her, apart from the ones who swabbed her.

"The woman returned home to self-isolation and now she's been confirmed, she's now in quarantine in her home."

Ms Lauga said Wednesday's confirmed case was in the Gladstone region.

"She has returned from overseas as well.

"I don't know too much about whether she self-isolated straight away.

"She is now in quarantine."

Wednesday's statement released by Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service said of the two latest CQ cases that one was from Livingstone Shire and the other was "being managed outside Central Queensland".

"Further details about the location will not be provided publicly," the statement said.

The statement added: "Because people can have the virus and be infectious before they show any symptoms, we need you to act as though novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is already in your community and suburb.

"Waiting to be notified that it is already in your area to take precautions will be too late - you could have already been infected and infected others.

"Act now: Wash your hands properly and often, try not to touch your face, stay away from others where possible."