Quota Club secretary Aileen Weeden and president Christine Saunders.
Quota Club secretary Aileen Weeden and president Christine Saunders.

CQ resident ’humbled’ by major Queensland award nomination

AILEEN Weeden has volunteered with Quota Club for 11 years, and a recent nomination for a community award has left her humbled.

The Quota Club of Gladstone secretary was recently nominated in the Australian Pacific Community Hero Award category for the Queensland Community Achievement Awards.

“I thought it was wonderful,” Ms Weeden said.

It is the second time Ms Weeden has been up for an award, after being nominated last year.

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While COVID-19 has made charity work difficult year, Ms Weeden said she was thankful she had been able to help some organisations.

“We haven’t been able to do a lot as we haven’t been able to fundraise,” she said.

“We’re lucky that before coronavirus lockdown we were able to buy a lot of stuff we donate to the schools … We’ve also got pamper packs for the mental health facility.

“I’m so thankful we’ve been able to work even though we haven’t been able to raise money.”

Ms Weeden said she was grateful to have been nominated again.

“You don’t expect to win but at least you’ve been recognised,” she said.

“The thing that impresses everyone the most is the fact we support local people and local schools.

“That seems to be why everyone is so willing to help us.”

The Queensland Community Achievement Awards began in 2002, with a regional focus, but are now conducted statewide.

The awards encourage and reward valuable contributions by individuals, communities and businesses throughout Queensland.

Submissions for the awards close August 5, with finalists and winners announced on November 27.