Capras and CQ NRL Bid CEO Denis Keeffe. Photo Sharyn O'Neill / The Morning Bulletin
Capras and CQ NRL Bid CEO Denis Keeffe. Photo Sharyn O'Neill / The Morning Bulletin Sharyn O'Neill ROK060913swebster

Sharks news and CQ NRL bid push 'just coincidence' - CEO

THE prospect of a Cronulla-CQ NRL entity, in light of the Cronulla Sharks' ASADA investigation, was something Denis Keeffe and his team would seriously consider.

"If a licence for a merger (with the Sharks) was tabled, we would be committed to making it work," he said.

The CQ NRL Bid team has pushed ahead and decided to fast-track stadium construction by drawing up a "2014 contingency document" sooner rather than later.

However Mr Keeffe, the CQ NRL Bid team's chief executive, wasn't prepared to say the team was wholly supportive of a merger, saying he would rather the team build itself up from scratch.

Video of Mr Keeffe discussing the possibility in September.

"The Australian Rugby League Commission mentioned Central Queensland as a possible destination for a new licence," he said.

"When the commission asks for expressions of interest, we will be ready to tender for the licence.

"For now we are just going through the process with social and financial impact studies.

"The fact that this news from the Sharks has come up, and we are fast-tracking our contingency document, is purely coincidence."

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He said he wasn't prepared to comment on the NRL's decision to stand down Shane Flanagan.

"Nor is it my place to discuss the situation around the supplementary condition of the team," Mr Keeffe said.

The Sharks are expected to face a seven-figure fine - and coach Shane Flanagan has been stood down - over the club's part in a supplement scandal that has rocked the sporting code.