Bill Cullen, 16, has plans to become a professional rugby league player.
Bill Cullen, 16, has plans to become a professional rugby league player. Christopher Chan

Cowboys deals signed

TWO Gladstone boys have been signed to the Cowboys development squad.

They are putting in the time and effort so they can reach the top.

Sam Smith, 15, and Bill Cullen, 16, tower over others their age and work harder than most.

For this reason they have been chosen for the contracts.

Sam said when he got the phone call he was happy.

He won't be wasting this fantastic opportunity with the Cowboys.

"I want to be a better football player," he said.

"Me and Bill want to be pro."

Bill was signed just before Sam and attended a first grade training camp in Townsville recently.

He was blown away by how it good it felt to run out on the field and play - a feeling he won't forget.

"I'm aiming big. Aim big or don't aim at all. I'll keep playing football because I enjoy it," Bill said.

Sam's father Ian Smith said the two boys had a maturity in their game and had a good work ethic.

"Both boys have good, realistic goals and they know how to achieve them, and then move on to the next goal," he said. "They are aiming for the top."

Ian said former Bronco's player Peter Ryan evaluated the boys based on ball skills, tackling skills and looked for a maturity in their game.

"Peter Ryan is very strict. He treats them like they're pros and not like they are kids," he said.

"They have to be on time and put in the effort."

Ian said the two young men were taking little steps to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming professional footballers.

"That's their dream and they are achieving it one realistic goal at a time," he said.