2.30pm: COUNCIL have confirmed the cow has been captured and loaded.

12.35pm: POLICE are still trying to catch a cow on the run after charging at a motorcyclist on Gladstone Rd near KFC earlier today.

The Bulletin staff has video of the attempt by two police officers and three Rockhampton Regional Council animal management officers' attempt to catch the cow, currently enjoying the green fields at Southside United Sports Club. It is currently being edited.

Meanwhile, readers are still sharing photos and 'captions' via Facebook.

Jeanie Peterson - I'm at Jardine park and he's fenced in next to the grass courts
Jeanie Peterson - I'm at Jardine park and he's fenced in next to the grass courts

Ann Armstrong - Haha run baby run

Brooke Emily Morgan - I will not be a maccas burger

I will not be a maccas burger

Garry Boggs - So McDonald's are actually telling the truth that their beef is fresh?

Shannon Kerr -  Explains why they take long to get your food Rachel Kerr. There killing there own lol

Elizabeth Foyster - They can't find the cow?? She is probably with my dog, I can't find her eithe, she went missing this morning in Wandal. Maybe they are together.

Cassandra Lennox -  Kaloy Lennox sounds like the escaped convict that ran down Upper Dawson this morning!

Wayne Forday - In cow speech, this translates to "Maccas, enough! We are coming..."

10.40am: IT has been confirmed that police are watching one cow at Southside United Sports Club on Wandal Rd.

Police are waiting for council's animal catchers to arrive and take over the handling of the beast.

10.25am: POLICE believe there could be more than one cow roaming the roads of Rockhampton after multiple sightings reported by the community.

Reports indicate cow sightings in Wandal, Nerimbera and headed towards Gracemere.

One report suggested the cows had fallen off the back of a truck and were on the moove.

Police urge residents not approach any of the cows after reports of one charging at a motorcyclist near KFC.

10.15am: A READER has spotted the roaming cow that allegedly charged at a motorcyclist near KFC before taking police on wild cow chase.

Rhett Mcleod-Dobbs moments ago posted on The Bulletin's Facebook page that is now in the south side caravan park.

10.05am: ROCKHAMPTON police are on the hunt for a roaming cow.

One witness told The Bulletin they saw the cow roaming the street near KFC in George Street before it charged at a motorcyclist.

Police are headed towards Southside United in Wandal where the cow was last seen.