CoVid Patient
CoVid Patient

Border jumping Covid bikie sent to hospital

INFAMOUS bikie Shane Bowden has been taken from a Gold Coast quarantine hotel to hospital via ambulance this afternoon.

The Bulletin understands Bowden's leg has become badly infected and is requiring treatment.

It's understood the leg injury is from a gun shot wound believed to be related to a shooting in the driveway of a Melbourne home in early July, weeks after he was released from prison.

Sources told the Bulletin paramedics are taking heavy precautions after it was revealed Bowden had also tested positive to coronavirus before flying up from Victoria.



Shane Bowden is taken in a wheelchair from a Gold Coast quarantine hotel to Gold Coast University Hospital. Picture: Glenn Hampson.
Shane Bowden is taken in a wheelchair from a Gold Coast quarantine hotel to Gold Coast University Hospital. Picture: Glenn Hampson.

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said in a press conference police they would be conducting a thorough investigation into the border debacle.

"That person was intercepted at our border with a border declaration pass claiming entry into the state, but was placed into quarantine by police," he said.

"Our initial investigations have indicated to us that this person is COVID positive and was COVID positive whilst in Victoria and it would appear has provided untrue information in relation to the border declaration pass.

"A criminal investigation is now underway for serious offences, as well as failure to properly declare when entering Queensland.

"This is going to be completely and thoroughly investigated by Queensland authorities, in collaboration with our Victorian counterparts."

He said Bowden has put 84 other plane passengers at risk.

"We are working with Queensland Health … this person travelled on a plane with some 84 persons, all have been placed into quarantine at this stage.

"Our system will now go through the process of further contact tracing and making sure that all those persons are looked after firstly, but also tested for COVID, to make sure that no one else has caught that disease.

"I'm pleased that our system was able to identify this person, clearly this is a significant risk of people doing this sort of thing, there are serious consequences for that, the offences that we are investigating are not just simply the false declaration, there are also criminal offence … we are taking this extremely seriously."




A NOTORIOUS bikie who flew into Brisbane last night with coronavirus is holed up in a Gold Coast quarantine hotel under heavy security.

Former patched member of the Mongols and Finks, Shane Bowden, flew into Brisbane overnight, before being loaded on to a bus and brought down to the Gold Coast.

It is understood advice filtered up to Queensland from Victoria that Bowden had tested positive to coronavirus after he had landed. The Bulletin has been told Bowden should have been in quarantine in Victoria after the positive test results in recent days.

Mongol bikie Shane Bowden. Picture: Supplied
Mongol bikie Shane Bowden. Picture: Supplied

Sources have told the Bulletin that Bowden is locked away better than anyone else, with wary local cops knowing his violent background.

It is understood there will be an in-depth investigation into Bowden's movements to decide whether he has committed any criminal offences by allegedly knowingly travelling with coronavirus interstate.

The Bulletin has also been told he will undergo a strict testing regimen to make sure he no longer has the virus before he is released.

Sources said Bowden is also suffering a serious leg injury, believed to be related to a shooting in the driveway of a Melbourne home in early July.

He was shot just two weeks after he was released from prison.

Bowden was once a feared bikie on the Coast, as a member of the Finks "Terror Team". He notoriously shot Melbourne bikie Christopher Wayne Hudson during the infamous "Ballroom Blitz" at the Royal Pines Resort in 2006.

He spent seven years in prison for his role in the fracas.

Shane Bowden. Picture: Supplied
Shane Bowden. Picture: Supplied

The fight was supposed to be in the ring but the battle raged across the room in front of an 1800-strong crowd, sparking fears of a bikie war.

Members and associates of the Hells Angels were sitting ringside at the tournament when the large group of rival Finks, including Bowden and Nicholas "The Knife" Forbes arrived.

The footage showed Forbes and Hudson coming to blows, before Bowden pulled a handgun and shots Hudson twice in the face and back.




Forbes then held Hudson against the ring while Bowden and another man rained more blows on him.

It was believed the shooting was retribution for Hudson, a former Finks member, defecting to the Hells Angels.

After being released from prison, Bowden patched over the Mongols and fled Queensland for Victoria following the introduction of the Newman Government's tough new VLAD laws.

Bowden was jailed again in 2015 after being convicted over a violent aggravated burglary in South Yarra.

He burst into the property wearing night vision goggles with fitness model Janet "Aysen" Campbell and attacked two people inside.

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