PONY: The RSPCA maintains that Abba should be put to sleep.
PONY: The RSPCA maintains that Abba should be put to sleep. Contributed

Couple's tears for pony the RSPCA says is better off dead

ALEX Zwarts and his partner Jacky burst into tears at the thought of their beloved pet pony, Abba, being killed.

Mr Zwarts says he doesn't want her to become "dog food". He wants his seven-year-old horse at home with him.

But following a complaint about water availability for their pets, the couple was visited by the RSPCA who want Abba put down.

"They came here saying the horses had no water," Mr Zwarts said.

"But we have a dam, big enough to go swimming in."

But during the visit, the RSPCA inspector turned their attention to Abba's feet.

Abba has a hoof condition that affects her feet, but according to her owners, she's still mobile and living happily.

The RSPCA advised that she should be put to sleep and told the NewsMail that the horse was old, suffering and needed to be euthanised.

Jacky, who suffers from epilepsy and other conditions, says she won't be able to cope when the horse she hand-raised is set for death tomorrow.

But the RSPCA maintains that their horse should die.

"The pony was examined by a vet and the vet has said it has to be put asleep, as it is suffering from a medical condition that cannot be rectified," RSPCA chief inspector Daniel Young said.

"We believe it needs to be euthanised, because a vet has advised that it is an old horse that is suffering."

Video taken this week shows Abba walking around her farm freely.

The couple was given the option of a vet assessment and had one carried out but want to seek a second opinion.

Due to a shortage of vets in the area who treat horses, the couple say they would need access to a horse float to get Abba to Childers for another opinion.

They've already spent thousands on her healthcare.