David Ashworth.
David Ashworth.

Couple to stand trial over alleged rape of 16yo girl

A MAN and woman have been committed to stand trial over the alleged rape of a teenage girl at Maryvale.

Police allege David John Charles Ashworth and Sharon Ruth Lindsay plied with alcohol a 16-year-old girl they met on Facebook before assaulting her in September 2018.

They have each been charged with one count of rape and one count of stupefying in order to commit an indictable offence.

Their matter was heard in Warwick Magistrates Court on Thursday, where magistrate Julian Noud ordered there was enough evidence to allow the matter to proceed to trial.

Ms Lindsay, who appeared in court by phone while awaiting COVID test results, became vocal when told her matter would be progressing to the District Court.

When defence counsel and the magistrate misheard the 31-year-old's request to speak when asked if she had anything to say, she yelled down the phone.

"I said I do wish to say something. Do. D-O. Do. Yes."

Ms Lindsay told the court she had been "really nice" to the alleged victim and tried to discuss the impact the charges had on her life.

The outburst was hurriedly shutdown by the magistrate, despite Ms Lindsay's protests.

"You told me I had the opportunity to say something, Your Honour, so I would like that opportunity, thank you," she said.

Mr Noud then allowed Ms Lindsay's lawyer the chance to talk with her again in private, to discuss her wishes to speak.
When the matter returned to the courtroom, a calmer Ms Lindsay was again asked by Mr Noud if she would like to say anything, to which she simply replied "I plead not guilty".
Mr Ashworth's matter was less eventful, with the 41-year-old declining the opportunity to say anything. He has not entered a plea.

Both Mr Ashworth and Ms Lindsay, who currently live in Brisbane and Toowong respectively, are on bail.

The matter will be listed for trial in an upcoming sittings of the Warwick District Court.