REUNION: Bradley and Marcelline Chamberlain reunite with Amy Jeffress (left) and Mikaela Bruce.
REUNION: Bradley and Marcelline Chamberlain reunite with Amy Jeffress (left) and Mikaela Bruce. Matt Harris

Couple reunite with generous Gladstone girls

THE IDENTITY of two mystery Gladstone girls who gave up their plane seats on a flight to Brisbane for Bradley and Marcelline Chamberlain has been solved.

As reported in Monday's Observer, the random act of kindness allowed the Chamberlains to board a flight from Gladstone Airport so Marcelline could attend a potentially life-saving appointment at Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital.

Mrs Chamberlain suffers from chronic pain and requires coeliac plexus block injections every five months, without treatment she experiences severe physical and mental side effects.

Originally booked in for an 11am appointment on Friday, March 10, the Chamberlains were given a 1pm deadline to arrive at the pain clinic after a series of flight delays put their plans in jeopardy.

Then, in the words of the Chamberlains, two 'angels' saved their day.

Best friends Amy Jeffress, 23 and Mikaela Bruce, 21, were headed to Brisbane for a girls' long weekend.

Their flight was scheduled for 10.30am, so they gave up their seats to the Chamberlains and caught the next flight.

"We saw Mr Chamberlain was at the counter beside us and he looked really distressed and worried because they had to get to Brisbane for the appointment and (Qantas) couldn't tell him when the next flight was," Amy said.

Amy and Mikaela weren't in a rush to arrive in Brisbane, so they gave up their seats and boarded the 11:40am flight instead.

The pair were heading to Brisbane to watch Justin Bieber.

The Chamberlains received a food voucher for the inconvenience, which they gave to the girls as a small show of their appreciation.

"(Qantas) were really nice about it and upgraded our tickets and let us into the Qantas Lounge," Mikaela said.

"They also gave us an $80 voucher so we had a few drinks," Amy added.

The girls hope their act of generosity is exactly what someone else would do in the same situation.

"We weren't in a rush at all. To us it wasn't a big deal but to them it obviously was," Amy said.

"(Mr Chamberlain) couldn't believe it judging by the look on his face.

"He asked why we were doing this and we said 'because you guys need it more'.

Mrs Chamberlain made her 1pm appointment with 45 minutes to spare.

"I hope that's what somebody else would do," the girls said.

"I'm glad they made it because obviously we didn't hear anything afterwards."