Couple's epic adventure in hunt for Middle Earth ring

A NEWLYWED couple are living their own Middle-earth tale after one of their wedding rings - thought to be lost - was found gleaming among leaves in Lord of the Rings country.

Chinese tourists Elaine and Rong Hua were on a Dart River jet boat trip in Paradise, north of Glenorchy, when Mr Hua's wedding ring went missing.

At the time the couple were on their honeymoon. They feared Mr Hua's ring had been lost forever in the area, which features prominently in the Lord of the Rings films.

However, in a twist - which seemed to come straight from Tolkien's story - the ring found its way back to the couple after being spotted sparkling in the forest during another boat trip.

"At one point we stopped to talk about the surrounding forest and I looked down into the leaves and saw this ring sparkling at me," Dart River Jet driver Rod Spackman said.

The couple received the good news shortly after touching down in their homeland. "We believe the ring that was lost in Lord of the Rings land now has magic to bring eternal blessing to our marriage forever," Mr Hua said.

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