Couple charged with assault after sex offender hit on camera

THE Ipswich man who allegedly punched convicted child sex offender Shannon Norgate while being filmed has been charged with assault and will face court next week.

His girlfriend, who allegedly filmed the attack, has also been charged.

Footage circulated on social media of the 35-year-old walking up to Norgate and throwing a cup in his face before punching him in the head at a transit centre last Friday.

The pair, both from Booval, have been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm in company.

The man is due in Ipswich Magistrates Court on July 23 and his 20-year-old girlfriend will appear in the same court on August 12.

The QT understands the man is currently on parole.

Norgate, 22, was convicted of sexually assaulting two young boys and served 406 days in prison.

He said he planned to move to Ipswich after he was uncovered living opposite a primary school in Brisbane last week.

This led to rumours of his new residence circulating online, with one Ipswich caravan park copping vile abuse as unfounded claims he was living there were spread.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up to gather funds for the pair's legal defence.

It collected about $250 before being shut down by GoFundMe and is currently under review according to the woman who set it up.