THE new season of My Kitchen Rules is the "friendliest" of them all, according to co-host Pete Evans.

The celebrity chef says there are no villains in the show's sixth season, which premieres tomorrow.

Evans made the comments at the reality cooking show's Queensland launch in Brisbane on Thursday night, when regional Queensland teams Jacqui "Jac" Bakhash and Sharon "Shaz" Sellings, from Mount Isa, and Emilie Biggar and Sheri Eddington, from Toowoomba, got their first taste of the media spotlight.

But there will still be plenty of kitchen-based drama on MKR, with cousins Jac and Shaz the first team to cook tomorrow night.

"That was massive because we went in blind. We didn't get to sit around anybody else's dinner table and watch what they went through or taste their food or see how hard it was," Sellings told APN.

"I think we were at a distinct disadvantage, and it is nothing like what you see on TV. Our biggest nemesis was that clock."

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The two mums credit their "honest" style of cooking to growing up in outback Queensland.

"Obviously we don't get exposure to some of the really 'out there', different sort of ingredients, but it's fabulous, quality food (in Mount Isa), no doubt about that," Sellings said.

"Even on the restaurant front we don't have the exposure they get in the big cities.

"I guess for us it's (about) keeping it real. It's real, every

day food and we have to make it a little bit special."

Good mates Emilie and Sheri were the first team to cook in the second instant restaurant group.

"We had no idea what hit us and it really did hit us," Sheri said.

"We were starstruck. We were like, 'whoa, Pete and Manu are in our house'. We were nervous, we were shaking."

My Kitchen Rules begins on Monday at 7.30pm on Channel 7.