PREPARE FOR RATES NOTICE: Gladstone Regional Council.
PREPARE FOR RATES NOTICE: Gladstone Regional Council. Mike Richards GLA190815COUN

Council: Two ways to reduce rates shock

GLADSTONE Regional Council has issued a reminder to property owners that options are available to reduce the shock when rates fall due.

Pensioners could be eligible for significant discounts, with a rates remission of up to $200 a year from the State Government on offer and a subsidy of up to $290 from the council potentially on the table for successful applicants.

"Eligible pensioners whose principal place of residence is in the Gladstone region can apply for both (payments) through council,” Finance and Corporate Governance Committee chair Cr Rick Hansen said.

Mayor Matt Burnett said all ratepayers could make down payments in the lead-up to their rates notice being issued.

"To avoid paying a lump sum, property owners can make pre-payments via a wide range of payment options,” he said.

"If they pay the remaining balance within 30 days of receiving their rates notice in August, they will be eligible for a discount.”

Cr Burnett said ratepayers could also set up regular payment instalments when their rates notice arrived in August as an additional way to manage their rates payment.

The reminder from the council comes after it auctioned off four units in New Auckland last week to recoup unpaid rates.

The money made from the sales went to paying off the rates owed to the council and the remaining money was distributed to the mortgagees.

Pensioners who want to check their eligibility for rates remissions or subsidies can call Gladstone Regional Council on 4970 0700 or view the Pensioner Remission form at