Council still to decide on whether to keep cat registration

GLADSTONE Regional Council won't be demanding cat registration from owners just yet, pending a decision on whether the program will continue.

The move follows the State Government's repealing of laws requiring that all cats be registered.

The council has until October 21 to decide whether residents will need to keep registering their moggies.

The Queensland Government has repealed state-wide mandatory cat registration last month to reduce the regulatory burden and red tape for councils and cat owners.

Biosecurity Queensland Officer Greg McDougall said councils had 28 days from September 23 to determine the course of action appropriate for their area.

"Councils are best placed to decide the most practical and appropriate approach to local issues associated with domestic cat ownership," Mr McDougall said.

"Under the changes, state-wide mandatory registration of cats will end; however individual councils will be able to determine whether the benefits of cat registration warrant its continuation in their area.

"If a council decides to continue with cat registration in their area, they will have the ability to make and enforce local laws."

Mr McDougall said the changes would not affect the state-wide requirement for microchipping of cats.

"Compulsory state-wide microchipping will continue to ensure consistent cat identification across the state and allow cats to be reunited with their owners if lost," he said.