Council steps into brave new world with social media plan

THE Gladstone Regional Council wants to know what you're saying about it on social media - and it's prepared to pay to find out.

As part of council's efforts to beef up its online presence in the brave new world of social media - and protect itself against reputational and legal risks - it adopted a social media plan at council meeting on Tuesday.

The plan had been under development for 18 months, and committed to create a dedicated position within its communications unit to look after social media, with an initial term of 24 hours a week.

However, should this prove successful, this could be scaled up to a full-time role in July next year.

The report also unveiled plans to pay up to $600 a month to monitor its social media presence.

While the council adopted the plan, there was still some confusion over whether councillors' personal pages, which are often used to promote council activities, would legally fall under the policy.

Director of Corporate and Community Services Cale Dendle faced a number of questions from councillors on whether they'd be held to the guidelines on their Facebook pages.

"If there is correspondence that is entered into that might influence council proceedings somehow, then potentially that needs to be discoverable so people can understand the sequence of what went on around that," Mr Dendle explained.