Council staff to use body cameras

SCENIC Rim Regional Council has adopted a policy and procedure for the use of body cameras to be worn by key staff and contractors when engaging with the public.

In late 2017 and early 2018, the council conducted trials of body cameras worn by staff in delivering waste, health and compliance services and will introduce use of the devices to maintain a safe working environment and enhance operational outcomes.

Mayor Greg Christensen said the use of body cameras by council staff and contractors in certain situations was a progressive move.

"Perhaps it's a reflection of the state of the world that we have to embrace this technology," Cr Christensen said.

"However I think it's an appropriate and responsible step, both for the protection of our employees in the execution of their duties and also to provide a factual basis to address any follow-up concerns."

An interim policy and procedure for the management, ethical, lawful and efficient use of body-worn cameras was approved following trials by staff in late 2017.

Employees wearing body cameras will inform residents when recording is taking place.

Use of the cameras will be triggered to record specific activities and will not be used to record an employee's entire shift.

Recorded data can be used by the council to respond to incidents of abuse or violence.