Council coffers boosted by $10m thanks to airport, waste

GLADSTONITES are flying more and dumping more, boosting council coffers by a whopping $10 million in fees and charges last year.

Releasing its annual report on Tuesday, the Gladstone Regional Council said it was able to charge a total of $33.59 million - up 46% on 2011-12 - because people were using Gladstone airport more, and disposing of more waste at the Benaraby landfill.

Fees and charges made up 18% of what the council was able to rake in, with 57% of its total operating revenue of $186.15 million being brought in from rates and utility charges.

Rates income was up by 5.13% on the previous year.

Meanwhile, the council has admitted that its environmental performance was not up to standard saying its performance indicators for water, land, and air quality did not meet "reasonable community expectations."

The blunt assessment came in spite of progress in a number of council environmental programs.

The report put the negative assessment down to a lack of an environmental management plan.

It also said that there were 68 environmental incidents reported in 2012, up from 14 in the previous year.

However, the report's authors pointed out that this may have more to do with the reporting than the incidents themselves.

The report pointed out there had been a lack of reporting of incidents in previous years, but maintained that new training meant that reporting had jumped year on year.

Quirky facts

  • 89,445 phone calls answered by customer
  • service staff
  • 278 new Australian Citizens welcomed
  • Projected Gladstone Region population of 111,690 by 2031
  • Wheelie bins emptied 1,726,170 times