Gladstone Regional Council candidate Chris Cameron.
Gladstone Regional Council candidate Chris Cameron.

Council election: Figures point to final eight

It is highly likely every councillor who put their hand up for re-election will be returned based on updated figures from the electoral commission.

Just over 68 per cent of the preliminary count has now been completed for the Gladstone Regional Council and Kahn Goodluck continues to lead on 16555 votes (7.46 per cent).

Currently the top eight are Cr Goodluck followed by Chris Trevor on 16428 votes (7.4 per cent), Glenn Churchill on 15745 votes (7.09 per cent), Darryl Branthwaite on 15698 votes (7.07 per cent), Natalia Muszkat on 15496 votes (6.98 per cent), Desley O'Grady on 14247 votes (6.42 per cent), Rick Hanson on 14012 votes (6.31 per cent) and Chris Cameron on 12510 votes (5.63 per cent).

Michelle Wagner (11442 votes) and Kyle Beale (10736 votes) are also polling well but based on voting trends it's unlikely the top eight will change.

The two newcomers currently in line for a seat on council are Darryl Branthwaite and Chris Cameron.

Mr Branthwaite said it "certainly was a nice feeling" to attract the number of votes.

He's been trying to be a good husband, cook meals and keep home fires burning as the count continues.

Mr Cameron gave running for council a lot of thought before putting his hand up and said the COVID-19 pandemic made it "a whole new ball game".

He also ran in 2016 and opted for low-key campaigns in both election races.