Coffers boosted by fines for selling cars on council land

CAR owners selling their vehicles on council land felt the brunt of the law last year, paying Gladstone Regional Council more than $12,000 in fines.

Leaving a For Sale sign on a car parked on council land is prohibited, and council officers issued fines to 56 offenders last financial year, at about $220 each.

"Regardless of the wording on a vehicle, whether it be For Sale or Interested? - they both imply that the vehicle is being offered for sale and therefore is an offence," Mayor Gail Sellers said.

Nineteen of these fines were issued at Clinton, on the Dawson Hwy.

This location has a sign due to its high rate of traffic, but some residents are being caught out elsewhere.

"Council is only required to erect signage to provide notice to members of the public regarding 'restricted activities', and as offering a vehicle for sale on council land is a 'prohibited activity' signage is not required," Cr Sellers said.

A Clinton resident also wrote to The Observer to express frustration at people parking on the streets around the airport.

"Why do people park in the streets near the airport and not the airport parks? Don't they think of the people who live in these streets?" she asked.

One Clark St residence has erected a sign on their fence, but a nearby neighbour said he wasn't fazed.

"I don't want people parking on the footpath, because that interferes with the postie," he said. "But I don't care (if people park on the street). It's not mine."