Council considers closing three waste transfer stations

GLADSTONE Regional Council is considering closing three rural waste transfer stations later this year.

Engineering Services portfolio spokesman Rick Hansen told the council on Tuesday the viability of Raglan, Builyan and Lowmead transfer stations was being considered because of low use and their proximity to other regional waste facilities.

"Council will notify residents in the townships of the proposed closures and welcomes comments from residents within these communities," Cr Hansen said.

The council considered that in the event of closures, residents in these areas have access to alternative transfer stations at Mt Larcom, Nagoorin and Rosedale which offer the further benefits of greater opening hours and acceptance of a wider range of materials.

In addition, residents can utilise kerbside domestic waste and recycling collection services.

"Review of the use of the Raglan, Builyan and Lowmead transfer stations show cost savings to council would be achievable, considering the low community attendance rates in comparison to facility operating costs," Cr Hansen said.

"Essentially, closure of these three transfer stations would reduce unnecessary expenditure being borne by ratepayers, with each facility estimated to cost $16,000 each to operate annually."

Currently, the council operates 13 waste transfer stations to manage waste in townships and communities, and one landfill for the disposal of waste by burial.

"Kerbside domestic waste and recycling collection services remain the most cost effective and convenient method of managing domestic waste," Cr Hansen said.

"These services are provided to all townships in the region and where economically viable, to rural properties located on major haul routes."

Owners of properties in the serviced rural areas who are not receiving a kerbside collection service are encouraged to contact the council to enquire about availability.

Concerns or comments relating to the proposed closure of the Raglan, Builyan and Lowmead transfer stations can be made in writing to Gladstone Regional Council, marked Attention: Manager Waste Services, PO Box 29, Gladstone DC Qld, 4680.

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