Council chooses environment over cost saving

THE community's possible negative reaction to the news Gladstone Regional Council would start using non-recycled paper in its newsletter has proved too risky.

As part of cost-saving measures, the council this week considered printing 171,000 Council Connect newsletters on non-recycled paper.

The move would have saved $21,500 a year.

But the idea of telling the community the council was not following its own mantra of being green was a deal breaker.

"I am completely against this," environment portfolio holder Col Chapman said.

"It goes against our charter which is to be as green as possible and one way we can do that is using recycled paper."

He said the move would be unacceptable considering there was an active recycling program encouraging people to recycle.

It costs $82,750 to print six editions each year with 16 pages. That's 48.9 cents per copy.

And according to the latest survey in February, the Council Connect newsletter is a popular way of receiving council news.

However, that survey included just 128 people.

More than $1 million is spent on the council's communication and marketing strategy every year as it moves away from communicating through mass media.