Council approves installation of self deploying flood gates

GLADSTONE Regional Council will support an initiative of a local entrepreneur.

At it's general meeting last week Council approved the allocation of $40,000 towards the installation and monitoring of the self deploying flood gates developed by Miriam Vale resident David Bagnall.

Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers said the flood gate safety barriers would be trialled for 12 months, at locations to be determined, with performance monitored to assess the suitability of further installations.

The gate is locked in the open position at low-lying crossings and is designed to automatically unlock and close road access when floodwaters reach a pre-set depth.

When water recedes the flood gate keeps the road closed until Council staff can inspect the crossing and determine if it is safe to reopen.

In the event of a flood, Cr Sellers said the initiative would eliminate the need for the manual installation of warning signs and barriers, reducing risks to those installing signage and to road users within the community.  

"The device is designed to stop vehicles and eliminate the risk associated with unsafe crossings by deterring the public from attempting to cross flooded roadways," she said.

"In the event of any future major flood occurrences, if installation of the barriers saves one life across our region, its value will truly have been proven."

Cr Sellers said the council would be the first local government area to adopt Mr Bagnall's design, assisting the local entrepreneur to further develop his initiative while benefiting those using Council's assets.