SunCoast Fresh is selling Romanesco broccoli to restaurants and cafes and in take-home boxes.
SunCoast Fresh is selling Romanesco broccoli to restaurants and cafes and in take-home boxes.

Could this be the prettiest veggie? A local grower says so

"IT'S truly beautiful" are not the words usually used to describe a vegetable, but they are fitting for the romanesco broccoli.

SunCoast Fresh has received its first boxes of the stunning winter vegetable and it has received plenty of attention.

But owner and director Graeme Twine said while the business was known for offering fancier produce, that's not all they do.

"We're not just fancy, we don't just sell these beautiful vegetables," he said.

"You could say we're not just about the booty call, it's not just the pretty vegetables, we have the staples too which are all about that long-term relationship.

"The fancy stuff is like the sugar on top."

The romanesco broccoli, provided to SunCoast Fresh from a farm in Laidley near Brisbane, is actually an edible flower from the broccoli and cauliflower family.

It's similar to cauliflower, but with a slightly nuttier, earthier flavour.

Mr Twine said it was commonly served blanched and grilled, so it maintains its colour.

SunCoast Fresh accounts manager Stephen Foden said Romanescos were usually sold to cafes and restaurants, but this season they would also feature in the new "home boxes".

The business, which is the largest fruit and vegetable wholesaler in South East Queensland, started home delivery boxes during COVID-19 while supermarket stocks were low and people were afraid to go to shops.

"We'd never done home delivery before … but we had to diversify because most of our business comes from cafe and restaurants which were closed," Mr Foden said.

The business started in Noosa about 12 years ago and now deals directly with 40 farmers and has warehouses in Brisbane, Coolum Beach and Byron Bay.

"That's one positive which has come out of covid for our business, even though we've lost turnover, (home boxes) is something that has been really successful and we'll continue to do it," Mr Foden said.