Coronavirus news special: All you need to know


There's been a massive jump in coronavirus cases, with Queensland reporting another 16 this morning for a total of 94.

One council in the state has introduced some of the strictest measures in Australian, banning gatherings of more than 10 people with fears the local hospital system could not deal with an outbreak. 

In SEQ seedlings, chickens and whitegoods are vanishing from stores around the region, as doomsday preppers go off-grid to combat the spread of coronavirus.

And help is at hand for those wanting to vote at this month's Queensland council elections, but who might be in isolation due to coronavirus concerns.

In national news, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison has banned overseas travel and non essential crowds greater than 100 people but schools will remain open for the time being.

There are tough new penalties for those required to self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what you need to know, including when and how to do it.

Meanwhile in the fight to find a vaccine or cure for the virus, Australian researchers have used two widely available antiviral drugs to wipe out coronavirus in a lab test, as scientists successfully map the immune system's response to mild cases of the disease.

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