A woman who spat in the face of a police officer at the height of the coronavirus pandemic has wiped away tears as she was blasted by a judge.

Police were called to an address on May 9, 2020 to reports of Mollie Louise Wittman-Redenius, 25, arguing with her father.

The Townsville District Court heard Wittman-Redenius was transported by police to hospital for a mental assessment.

Police were forced to stop the paddy wagon several times as Wittman-Redenius removed her handcuffs and was striking the vehicle's windows.

Crown prosecutor Shannon Sutherland played for the court a three minute clip of the incident captured by a body worn camera.

The footage showed Wittman-Redenius resisting arrest as police attempted to refasten her handcuffs before lunging at the police officer and spitting in her face.

Mollie Louise Wittman-Redenius was sentenced to 12 months probation for serious assault on a police officer.
Mollie Louise Wittman-Redenius was sentenced to 12 months probation for serious assault on a police officer.

After Wittman-Redenius spat in the officers face she yelled out 'coronavirus motherf ker'.

Ms Sutherland said the offence was disgraceful.

"It can only be described as appalling and disgusting behaviour," she said.

"(The officer) underwent six months of disease testing and it caused (the officer) much anxiety but fortunately the results were negative."

Wittman-Redenius pleaded guilty to serious assault on a police officer and obstruction of a police officer.

Defence barrister Madonna Hayes said her client had been diagnosed with ADHD and depression and had consumed three Bundaberg Rum and cokes on the night.

"Ms Wittman-Redenius does not drink a great deal of alcohol. A small amount of alcohol has a significant effect on her," she said.

"She admits on the night of the offences she had too much to drink effecting her significantly."

Ms Hayes presented a letter of apology written by Wittman-Redenius to the female police officer to Judge John Coker.

Judge Coker read out a victim impact statement written by the female officer who detailed how the incident had also impacted her partner's life.

"I felt angry that our lives had to be put on hold. Our daily practices had to change and we had to implement a cleaning regime to ensure we didn't transfer bodily fluids."

"It not only had a physical impact, but an emotional one as well."

Judge Coker described Wittman-Redenius' crime as "totally inappropriate", "terrifying" and "vulgar".

"It is the most vile and demeaning acts a member of our community can perform," he said.

"Especially upon persons who are going about their lawful duties and attempting to provide protection and assistance to those in our community."

Wittman-Redenius was sentenced to nine months' jail wholly suspended with an operative period of 12 months, and was placed on a 12 month probation order.

Convictions were recorded.



Originally published as 'Coronavirus motherf--ker': Woman spits in cop's face