The feud continues between Taylor Walker and Kane Cornes.
The feud continues between Taylor Walker and Kane Cornes.

Cornes reveals ‘fragile’ Tex phone call

Port Adelaide champion Kane Cornes claims he's now so far inside the head of long-time sparring partner Taylor Walker that the Adelaide forward has become "mentally fragile".

It's the latest episode in the long-running feud between the two big footy personalities.

Cornes on Sunday revealed an "unnamed big-name AFL personality" had been sending him abusive text messages to SEN while he was on-air. The person wasn't aware his name had been saved and was appearing on the radio station's text machine every time he sent a message.

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"If you continue to send these text messages in, I will out you and I will name you," Cornes threatened on The Sunday Footy Show.

Walker then hit back at Cornes via a response to Fox Footy's post of the story on Twitter, writing: "Simple. This bloke can dish it out but can't take it. Grow up and stop sooking!"

Speaking on Channel 9's Footy Classified on Monday night, Cornes took aim at Walker and his inability to perform in big games.



"I think Taylor Walker's a good guy and I like the fact that he's outspoken and not boring. There's a lot of boring people in the football media and the player fraternity. But what it has given me a great insight into is Taylor Walker's mindset," Cornes told Footy Classified.

"If he is that rattled by a comment that is so unrelated to him that he feels like he has to continually chip in, it paints a picture to me of what is reflective of his career and his football club.

"When there are big moments, they don't have the mental toughness to perform."

Cornes then highlighted footage of Walker's poor 2017 Grand Final performance that showed the Crow dropping marks and chasing Richmond players.

He also referenced a prank call he received on New Year's Eve from a friend of Walker's, in which, Cornes claimed, the Crow shouted out a profanity in the background during a voicemail message.

Taylor Walker’s Adelaide lost to Richmond in the 2017 Grand Final. Picture: Michael Dodge
Taylor Walker’s Adelaide lost to Richmond in the 2017 Grand Final. Picture: Michael Dodge

"If an unrelated media member gets him chipping in every time - if you've got Taylor Walker and his mates prank calling me on New Year's Eve - that is how far I'm inside this guy's head, to the point where he's mentally fragile," Cornes said.

"That's why we're seeing efforts like this. That's why the club is employing Collective Minds to work on the players' mindset. They're a mentally fragile group."

Cornes dismissed the suggestion Walker was inside the 300-game Power midfielder's head.

"He isn't at all, because this is unrelated to Taylor Walker. It's an insight into how Taylor Walker is thinking. If I'm his opponent, how easy is it to get inside his head?" Cornes said.

"You wouldn't see Joel Selwood, Trent Cotchin or Scott Pendlebury continually carrying on and prank calling a media person on New Year's Eve."

Essendon legend Matthew Lloyd urged Walker to bite his tongue and hold back on social media in future.

"If I was Matthew Nicks the Adelaide Crows coach or Tex's manager I would say 'all you are

doing is given Kane content for the next day and day after'. Kane has a lot of hours to fill - and what Kane's just had to do is speak about it again," Lloyd told Footy Classified.

"For me I'd say to Tex: 'What do you have to gain by that tweet? I want you to have the best season you have ever had. How does a tweet like that help you in this situation?'

"One thing I will agree Kane is Tex gets into situations where he doesn't need to. He's not the captain anymore, so focus on being the best footballer you can be and text messaging like that doesn't help."

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Originally published as Cornes reveals 'fragile' Tex phone call