DELIGHTFUL DISPLAY: The floriferous Coral Seas vireya is doing particularly well in this year’s heat.
DELIGHTFUL DISPLAY: The floriferous Coral Seas vireya is doing particularly well in this year’s heat. CONTRIBUTED

Coral seas a refreshing spray of summer colour

WITH continuing summer weather most gardeners are needing to watch the watering of everything from flowers and vegetables to containers and larger plants that may need some extra fluid.

You could also provide your plants with some extra help in the form of Powerfeed Liquid Concentrate: an excellent product that can be safely used on all plants including natives. It will assist your entire garden to recover from the long hot summer, and provide the elements for good growth into the bargain.

Powerfeed contains highly active liquid compost, so it conditions the soil, acts as a clay breaker and, for those gardening in sandy soil, also reduces nutrient loss. This product is a fast-acting liquid, which can be applied to both the soil and the foliage, and commences working immediately - great!

The directions on the container cover all types of plants, with the quantity required to add to the watering can as well as the frequency it should be used.

So do try it now.

Plant of the week

ONE of the special plants in our garden looking absolutely magnificent at present, is the vireya tropical thododendron. We have featured it previously, but it is such a wonderful grower here that it certainly deserves another mention - and we frequently have visits from neighbours who drop in to admire our floral beauty. Just for the record, it is known as Coral Seas.

Vireyas grow so well in our climate, where frost is almost unknown, and we normally have the summers they enjoy. As we've all noticed, it's lasting a bit longer this year than usual.


An eye-catching yellow Vireya is another beauty.
An eye-catching yellow Vireya is another beauty. CONTRIBUTED

The two specimens we grew in Mapleton did very well, but we feel they're doing even better on the plains where they get that bit more heat, which of course suits them very well.

It is recommended that vireyas grow best in a brightly-lit spot that is sheltered from strong winds and frost, and they are ideal as tub specimens or in the ground. When growing in a large pot or tub, use good- quality, well-drained potting mix. In the garden, be sure the soil is well-prepared and drained.

Plant with controlled-release fertiliser in the base of the hole, water in with Powerfeed Liquid Fertiliser following the instructions on the container, add mulch and water again.

Vireyas flower several times a year. They are evergreen shrubs that grow in full sun or part shade, and make a delightful display on the patio, veranda or other outdoor living area, making the perfect entrance to the property or on either side of the stairs leading to the front door. They can also be the feature in a garden bed surrounded by contrasting lower plants.

Garden maintenance

AMONG the pests gardeners with lawns should know about now is the lawn army worm, which is a voracious feeder of the blades of grass during the late afternoon and early evening at this time of year. These pests can quickly strip the foliage of your lawn when they arrive in large numbers, incurring bald patches we can all well do without.

If you notice birds pecking your lawn, that's a good indication they are present, so get yourself some hose-on Yates Complete Lawn Insect Control. And, by following the good directions on the container, apply it thoroughly.

Special events

A SPECIAL event you'll want to know about is the Garden A-Fair being presented by the Queensland Council of Garden Clubs. It will be held at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha, on April 16-17.

This really will be something worth doing that weekend, so visit for details.