Cops lose court case against Police Commissioner

A GROUP of police officers have lost their case against the Queensland Police Commissioner in the state's highest court after demanding an explanation for why they were stood down.

Mackay police officer Christopher Lawrence O'Keefe, who was previously stood down and suspended but has since been reinstated, along with three other Queensland cops were part of a legal case against the Police Commissioner over whether they should be given a statement of reasons for why the officers were stood down from duty.

In a supreme court judgment last year, the court found in favour of the Police Commissioner and said the police officers were not legally entitled to request a statement of reasons from the Commissioner.

The officers took this to the Court of Appeal and in a judgment handed down Friday morning, their appeal was dismissed.

Bundaberg police officer Joseph Reginald Hildred was a part of the original case in the supreme court but was not part of the appeal.

The Court of Appeal judgment said the officers were not entitled to request a statement of reasons under legislation.