Cop slams ‘despicable’ spitters amid virus pandemic

COVID-19 dangers have added to the angst and anger of police after two officers were spat on in less than 24 hours in Townsville.

One female officer was spat in the face while assisting paramedics on a patient escort just hours after a woman spat on another female constable's arm while attending a job in Heatley.

District Duty Officer Acting Sergeant Robert Dusha said it was an act of blatant disrespect and simply "despicable".

"Not only is it unlawful, it's disgusting," Sgt Dusha said.

"There are a number of diseases that can be transmitted by bodily fluids through mucus membranes on the face.

"Spitting on an officer is despicable and taken very seriously."


In Queensland, spitting on an officer is considered assault and a person, if found guilty can face up to 14 years imprisonment.

Due to coronavirus, offenders also face further enforcement action under the Public Health Act for breach of public health directions.

Sgt Dusha said disease test orders can be placed on the offender in line with the police policy.

He said the wait for test results only added personal stress for an officer.

"It takes over their personal lives in a number of ways, there's the stress of not knowing if they've contracted a disease as well as potentially being stood down from duties while they await results," he said.

Originally published as Cop slams 'despicable' spitters amid virus pandemic