Keeping your pool clean is important, especially during the hot weather.
Keeping your pool clean is important, especially during the hot weather. Tracey Joynson

Top tips for keeping your pool clean and healthy in hot

POOL experts have urged home owners to ensure everyone swims safely this summer by keeping their pools clean and germ free.

PoolWerks chief executive officer John O'Brien said it was important for pool owners to stay on top of maintenance in warmer weather.

"Extensive sun exposure, temperature spikes and increased use can damage a healthy pool water balance," he said.

Mr O'Brien said prolonged exposure to the sun's ultra-violet rays could break down the chlorine that was meant to kill bacteria.

"In addition, an increase in contaminants including sweat, body oils and sunscreen may result from above-average use, affecting pH levels and encouraging bacteria," he said.

Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Queensland chief executive officer, Adrian Hart, said water quality and hygiene formed a two-part approach to a healthy pool.

He said some germs, such as cryptosporidium, which causes gastrointestinal illnesses, could live in pool water for days and people should reconsider swimming if they had been sick.

"We need to remember that when we dive in, so too do the germs we carry," he said.

He said people who had been sick with cryptospodiosis should avoid the water for 14 days after their diarrhoea stops. Someone with tinea should wait 24 hours after starting treatment before entering a pool.

Healthy pool tips

Check pool equipment to make sure it is running efficiently.

Ensure the pH level is healthy.

Ensure chlorine levels are adequate.

Vacuum and skim the pool regularly.

Shower with soap before you swim.