Ebenezer Scrooge is shown in a scene from the 2009 animated film 'A Christmas Carol'.
Ebenezer Scrooge is shown in a scene from the 2009 animated film 'A Christmas Carol'.

Grinch dad lit up daughter’s bike at Christmas

THE Grinch has nothing on a dad who set fire to his daughter's bike after a Christmas Day spat.

Scott James Hincksman, 46, was embroiled in a 2015 Christmas Day row with his estranged wife in Cooktown.

The argument dragged on over the holiday weekend until in a rage, Hincksman threw his daughter's mobile phone against a wall, shattering the device.

What followed would make Ebenezer Scrooge proud.

The shaken girl left the house in the company of her mother, only to return to a smouldering pile that had been her bicycle, clothes and other personal items - then she promptly called the police.

Hincksman told the officers that the fire "made him feel good after the child left him to be with her mother".

Hincksman trail of destruction stretched from Cooktown to Cairns, where from September to December last year, he broke into businesses to steal food and money - mostly from charity jars left out for donations.

Where he could not open cash drawers, he destroyed the offending cash register.

In mid December he pried open the rear entrance to wholesale butcher Manunda's Byrnes Meats and was found in the early morning, feasting on pre-prepared, cooked meat.

Hincksman, a former fisherman, pleaded guilty in Cairns Magistrates Court to wilful damage, failing to surrender and a clutch of break, enter and steal charges.

The court heard that by the Christmas Day argument, Hincksman's wife had returned to take custody of the children who had been in his care for years.

He had left the fishing industry to care for his children.

While in custody, Hincksman has suffered from infection brought on by the overcrowding at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre.

Magistrate Alan Comans said any motivation brought on by hunger was countered by the damage Hincksman had wrought - including throwing a paver through a shop window to gain access.

"He was stealing anything he could get his hands on," Mr Comans said.

He jailed Hincksman for 12 months including 41 days time served, with a parole release date of January 20 next year.

"Your motivation may be to get some food but you did a lot of damage getting there," Mr Comans said.